Time zone base on GPS coordinate


i am looking a way to update the time zone base on my GPS location.
we are traveling a lot and i wish my Home assistance has always the good time.

i find a way to have my GPS location., but my goal would be to have the time associate with that

Do you take the home assistant device with you when you travel? I would think you’d want the timezones to be the one the HA device is in not the one you happen to be in. Otherwise time based automations and things would not work correctly if the timezones didn’t match where the HA device lives.

My Raspberry PI is my HA, To my knowledge the HA time is adjust according of the time of the device… in my case my laptop… and this one does not update… it is taking the time from my hotspot that is my cell phone…that look at the time from the service provided… i my case a Canadian. i am now in the usa