Time zone for mobile app

Is it possible to set the time zone for the mobile app?
I live in Perth, Western Australia, but am currently working in Tahiti, which is 18 hours behind.
When I open the app, it automatically adjusts the logfile times to local time, which is of course, way off and makes it difficult to analyse.

I can get around it by changing the phone’s timezone, but don’t really want to do this as it then messes up my alarms and schedules on my phone.

Any ideas?

Assuming you are on iOS, it’s not possible to change the timezone of the app only as we use the same web browser engine that powers Safari and therefore are unable to modify low level parameters like the timezone sent.

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Nope, on Android.
Is it not possible to read the UTC offset from the HA server and add the offset in?
Or allow a manual UTC offset input in the app configuration?

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I would like to support this request that the mobile app looks at the Home Assistant instance and uses its time zone rather than that of the mobile phone. For anyone who travels away from their home time zone, it reeks havoc with the displayed data on the mobile. Is there really no way to allow a time offset to be manually entered in to the Android or IOS app to provide the required time offset?

Thanx in advance if you are able to consider this for a future update.

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It’s not possible at the moment.

I assume if you use HA in a browser that you also encounter the same issue. One thing you could do is use Androids time zone sensor to display the current time zone so you are more aware of the differences. Other than that you will need to create a feature request with the HA frontend team so they can look into it.

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Thank you both for your replies.
I would really hope that this could be considered as a future update to the Android & IOS companion apps. Even if as a stop-gap solution it is a manually entered time offset that the user could enter when travelling to a different location. I’m always fully aware of the time difference back to my home location, but that doesn’t help when all logs, history and entries are referenced in the mobile device time zone rather than the HA server installation location.
As the system “administrator” of my home automation system I have to ensure that things are working correctly and on time so that I keep the home users happy.

The ability to see the system in the home location time zone would be a big plus. In fact it is almost pointless to see the mobile instance in local mobile time zone.

I assume if you use HA in a browser that you also encounter the same issue.

No I’m fortunate enough to be able to leave my personal laptop on my home time zone settings, but invariably it is on my mobile that I’m tracking the HA system.

Thank you once again for your consideration.

The proper way to request features is through the #feature-requests section of the forums. Please make a post there and don’t forget to vote for your own #feature-requests.

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Hi Petro,

Thank you for your advise. That requested feature has already been requested on the #feature-requests section more than 2 years ago (Home timezone display in browser) , it only has a few votes for that feature. I guess this issue is only an issue if the end user travels outside of his time zone, the majority of people probably do not travel so would have no interest in this request. There have been several other posts requesting the ability to change the time-zone of the mobile app to reflect the actual home site installation time-zone.

By raising this as a fresh post or by reviving an old post, maybe still reminds the people who have the power to make such changes aware again about this.

I will keep my fingers crossed that this can be included in a future update.