Time Zone to clock


travelling is a challenge with HA…

i am trying to display the time of “where i am”

i was able to get the “Current Time Zone” of my phone = “Pacific Daylight Time”

i was able to get the attribute of “Current Time Zone” =America/Vancouver

- platform: attributes
friendly_name: “WhereIAm”
attribute: time_zone_id
- sensor.sm_t220_tab_current_time_zone

Now i would like to have get the time base on the “time_zone_id”

Any help would be apreciated

did you fix this?

no :frowning: i did found a way to have that

I got it done using ¨dynamic world clock¨ card and using my android phone with HA app.

Created a sensor like below and used entity card to display time. whenever i travel and change time in my phone it shows phone´s clock in my home dashboard. :smiley:

- platform: "dynamic-worldclock"
  name: "Travel Clock"
  time_zone: "{{ state_attr('sensor.myphone_current_time_zone', 'time_zone_id') }}"
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