Timed all-lights-off routine with exclusions?

I had an Alexa routine that would turn off all lights at 1 am. Didn’t matter if I added new lights, they would be automatically added to the group to be turned off. Easy.

… except, there are some lights I want to exclude from that process. Didn’t see how to do that with Alexa, but thought perhaps this could be done with Home Assistant. Just want to setup an automation that runs on all devices of type LIGHT but with certain exclusions. I’m not seeing a straightforward way within the HA interface to easily say “do this to all lights except for some group.” Would rather not be maintaining more lists of devices… it needs to be smart and figure if I haven’t expressly configured an exception, it should turn off the lights.

Is there a process (with in the GUI) to do this?

Can you do something with a label?

You can now use a label as a target for a light.turn_off command - effectively it’s just a list of entities - then you can add or remove lights from the list by adding or removing the label from the light entities without revisiting the automation.

Thanks… though that is effectively just creating a group, and would have to be maintained for each new light that is added to the home… which is what I was trying to avoid.

True, but labels can be assigned to a light when you create it - you don’t have to fiddle around with the group as a whole.