Timed smart plug automation

Looking for some help to create an automation that I can active and it will then turn on my smart plug at a set time and then turn off 5 hours later. The only guidance I’ve been able to find so far is to delay the activation. Any pointers would be greatly apprecaited.

If it’s always turning on at a set time, why can’t you have another automation that shuts it off at whatever time is 5 hours later?

If you mean insert a five hour delay in the automation, this is not a good idea. Something with a timer helper? One automation with a time trigger to turn on the smart plug and start the timer, a second to turn off the plug when the timer finishes.

Maybe this Blueprint . @Blacky has some great blueprints. Look up Sensor Light blueprint as well for motion activated lighting.

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Yeah that would work fine, just need to figure out how to have it turn on at a specific time then the 5 hour delay should be straight forward

That would work by the sound of it

That worked perfectly, even let my have a button card to show if it’s active; thanks

His automations have been a lifesaver for me. And he supports them so actively. I even bought him some coffees.

I’m trying to do this too but seem to be way more of a novice user than everyone else on this forum

Home Assistant is one of the most confusing things I’ve ever used in my life, so please bear with me - it’s very user unfriendly!

I’m not sure what to do still, I thought there would just be a simple “Schedule” built into my dashboard but doesn’t seem to be the case.

What is it you’re trying to do? I’m no expert and the learning curve is steep, but I have picked up loads already. Let me know what you are looking for and I’ll see if I can help