Timeflip2 Cube as HA remote

I’ve been trying to get this work for the last month with no luck. The idea is to have each face of the cube represent an automation and then double tapping the face will execute the HA automation.

I thought I would be able to setup a BLE proxy on ESPHome and then have it relay all the BLE messages from the cube to MQTT where I could filter each message and have it trigger the HA automation.

I’ve been using ChatGPT4 to try to get this to work with no luck. I get stuck in the custom component section in the ESPHome yaml as well as the C++ file in the ESPHome config folder in HA.

Between the API and BLE api at the following link I thought I could figure it out.

How cool would it be to have a 12 sided cube to be able to control automations!!

Any help here would be appreciated!!

I think you might need BLE adapter plugged into home assistant and then code/use something similar to GitHub - devbis/ble2mqtt: Bluetooth to MQTT bridge, add your bluetooth-capable (including controllable) devices to your smart home

It looks like a custom ESPHome yaml, custom .h, and custom .cpp is what’s needed to get this to work.

I can’t get the code right to compile on ESPHome. I’ve been able to get the battery level to show but get stuck on the faces and double tap feature.