Timelapsed view to lovelace dashboard

I’d like to get changing views in lovelace dashboard. There could be a time between different views, example 15 sec to show “security camera” view , then it changes to “weather forecast” view and so on.
As like as “dia slice presentation”. It stops if you press touch screen in view, so you can get control from system.I think this could be easy to implement.

And I think doable now. Use browser_mod. Write a script.

I think an input select with a conditional card would work too. You’d advance the input select with an automation just selecting the next input every x seconds.

EDIT: I read “card” instead of “view” the first time. To simulate a full view, you can use a card in full panel mode.

I am not familiar with these things, but how I can navigate from one view to another view in dashboard, as I can navigate in view by pushing button ? I mean, i’d like to get same operation from timed event.

Ya know, I didn’t notice that this was your first post. What I don’t get is that for your first post here you ask for a feature to be added, without even asking if that feature exists. Let me give a precis of what you need, so that you have a path to follow:

  1. Install HACS http://hacs.xyz

  2. Via HACS install browser_mod

  3. Read and understand the the browser_mod docs.

  4. Learn how to write a HA script or automation.

  5. Profit

Let us know what step you fall down on, we will help, providing you have searched and tried.

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I got it working, THANK’S A LOT


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