Timeline or recordings with Reolink integration

I have been using the integration for quite a while on HACS and @starkillerOG did an incredible job putting it into the official integration. Runs solid with my Reolink POE doorbell :slight_smile:

I am about to ditch the official app but the only thing that’s still holding me back a bit is the ease at which I can browse through events of the day (or last day).
The extension now supports the media browser which is functionally amazing but all of these many taps are still a hassle as compared to the simple timeline of the official app.

How do you use the recordings?

Is there any way to improve usability by a bit?

Ideally some sort of a timeline representation of the media folder that allows quick and easy browsing through the recordings of the day

@dydx thanks for the feedback!

Unfortunetely the GUI interface for playback of recordings will never be as good as in the Reolink app. The GUI of HomeAssistant is not specifically ment for playback of security camera’s but rather playback of any media.

So I don’t see a timeline based scrolling beeing implemented soon in HomeAssistant.
However you never know what the future might hold, especially if someone makes some custom lovelace card or something for this.

That is however something I will not be working on, I am more focused on the backend coding and do not do much frontend/GUI stuff.

If you appreciate the reolink integration and want to support its development, please consider sponsering the upstream library or purchase Reolink products through this affiliate link.