Timeout error while importing blueprint

anyone else getting timeout error? I am newb so please go easy lol. I’m not sure I am missing something. I tried multiple blueprints.

Yes I get the same error (and I’m also new with HA), did you perhaps find the problem?

Nope. Still getting the error. Ive read that because im on a virtual machine I may need to disable ipv6. Gonna try that next.

I disabled my ipv6 in both my host and guest machines it worked.


I tried disabling my IPv6 but I’m still getting the same “Timeout” message. I am not on a virtual machine though

EDIT: I changed it back and did nothing for a few days and it miraculously started working. Really can not say what was wrong

I had the same error. Now it works for me.

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worked for me too.

Edit: after disable the ipv6 Option some hacs addons quit working. :sweat_smile: