Timeout on various HTTP Requests from HA to external services

Hey there,
i am using HA OS on a raspberry Pi 4 and i’m having problems with external http requests from homeassistant.
First i noticed for an cloud pooling integration that tooks mote than 260 seconds for a simple ‘fetch data’ (on a fresh docker image this integration took only 0.2 secs for the same fetch). When checking the System info i noticed that i got also alot of timeouts

I then created a simple NoteRed HTTP request to see if this is also painfully slow and there was the same behaviour… external HTTP GET Request runs in a timeout. If i do internal GET Request (to a Hue Bridge for example) it takes only some miliseconds to execute.

I assumed there is a problem with Internet connectivity, so i logged in via SSH to my HA and did a “curl --get --url {external url here}” from the command line and this returned results withn seconds, so i think network side is ok.

I have SSL for external access configured, which is working fine.

Does anyone has an idea what to look for? Any help is highly apprechiated!

Found the root cause…

If someone comes around a similar behaviour: For me it was a wrong IPv6 Address inside HA network configuration. There was a missmatch between the v6 adress in my router and HA. I switched it inside HA to DHCP adresses and have fixed IP adresses inside the router, now everything works quick and fine


Hey just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to come back and replying with a solution on how you fixed it. I was ready to toss the new Firewalla router I got because of all the timeouts i’ve started getting. Thought it couldn’t keep up or was blocking my services. Turns out it was the stupid IPv6, disabled IPv6 DHCP on the router, and sure enough everything is back to normal.

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