Timeout sending notification

I’m having this issue on automation intervals trigger times, I mean instead of getting automation, I get this error. My automation is edited after new iOS app but states and manuel notification testings are working. I also get notification from zone enter/exit, but those automation with zone enter/exit are not working. I use device_trackers and new mobile_app notification events, and they both working.

Here is the full error log:

Timeout sending notification to https://mobile-apps.home-assistant.io/api/sendPushNotification

I have the same problem

I am getting the same issue. Didn’t think I did any changes in home assistant, did some tweaking of my PFSense firewall and thought maybe I got too aggressive in blocking. Rolled those changes back and still have the problem. I can send a push over pushover. Anyone have any ideas? This is driving me kind of nuts.

same problem here , still in 07-2023 .
Is there a solution for this ?