Timeout switch Telnet

Hi everybody,

In first sorry for my english.

So I beginner in home assistant hassio and raspberry.

For 2 weeks I discovered all that and I want to integrate google home siri and a controller that responds to the telnet or tcp request.

I managed to make a switch with telnet requests but in the switch configuration, telnet is only open 0.2 seconds. I can not send my answers in this lapse of time. How is it possible to extend the opening time?

I see the 0.2 second in the file “homeassistant.components.switch.telnet” at line 95 but I do not know how to write over this data and where is this file. I search 3 hours after it yesterday and don’t find it.

The binary sensors have the option timeout allowing to choose the duration of opening the connections TCP. There is a way to do the same with Telnet?

Thanks for your help.