Timer / clock card in lovelace

It would be great to have a card in lovelace that could display a clock or timer in a large number format. I can’t find a way to currently do this in 0.88.2.

There’s this: https://github.com/erlsta/homeassistant-lovelace-world-clock-card

Or you can use the style and font options in the custom tiles card to display a clock as large as you want (up to the column width).

It doesn’t look like either of those would work for a timer in HA. That’s my primary need at this point.

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did you find a way to display timer in lovelace card?

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It would be cool to have one like the Google hub.


+1 to this! It’s a shame the default Lovelace card is only informative and one can’t control a timer with it.
Would be cool to have it as above. Something similar to the heating control card. Big and functional.
I’m also missing a nice scheduler card

Has anyone found anything for timer display yet?

I found this custom timer card and installed it, but I keep getting “No card type found” error.