Timer / Countdown / Schedule when to turn certain device off

Hi All.

I’m super new to home-assistant.

I’ve just replaced my Sensibo devices with some Xiaomi IR Remotes.

I’ve set it up to control my Air-Conditioner, but one thing i do miss is having the ability in the Sensibo application to put in a random amount of minutes and have it send the “off” command to it.

This is particularly useful for when i put it on at ~11PM and want it to turn off an hour after which is when i’d be asleep.

I’m not sure what to do for it or how to implement this

I’ve found this and this is what i would be after https://github.com/master-kenobi/ha-alarmclock but for the air-conditioner instead of it being an alarm clock.

Also found how i would want it to be implemented, trying to learn but clueless about it at the moment.

Thank you.

Easiest way to get you started is for you to tell us exactly what you want to happen
What is needed is :

  • Trigger, or what to react on to start your automation

  • Conditions or what must be true (or not true) for the automation to actually run

  • Action or what do you want to actually happen

If you give us a clear picture of the above then we can guide you in how to best achieve it

Hey There.

So, I’m pretty much just wanting a manual timer and when the timer hits 0, it would activate an action.
In this case it would just be sending an off command to the air-conditioner via this component

In the imgur i posted is what i’m after, in terms of being able to set the time with the slider, or inputting a manual amount in minutes.

Trigger > When timer hits 0
Condition > If it’s on and timer hits 0
Action > Off command via remote.xiaomi_miio

Did you have any luck finding what you are looking for in a timer to turn off your A/C. This is exactly what I am also looking for.