Timer duration set in automation does not align with helper duration

I have a timer that helps countdown the next time an automation can run.

I have set the timer to last 22 minutes.

alias: Time since hot water on
description: Use to limit hot water turning back on
  - platform: state
      - switch.hot_water_socket_1
    from: "off"
    to: "on"
condition: []
  - service: timer.start
    metadata: {}
      duration: "00:22:00"
        - timer.hot_water_on_timer
mode: single

Since initially creating the timer, I have had to edit the duration a few times.

When I look at the corresponding helper timer settings, however, the duration does not change to match the duration set in the automation.

In the above screenshot, it does match at 22 minutes, but that’s because I manually edited it.

Is this behavior normal?


If you don’t want to change it twice, remove the duration in the automation. It will start as it was setup in UI.

Okay, good to know this is how it normally works and I will just need to remember to edit the helper directly.

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