Timer not working

Am trying to use the timer in my automation, but it seems not working. What am doing wrong?

name: “UPS time remaining”

To test the above, am triggering via services timer.start->entity->timer.ups_on
When I checked in the status, the ups_on value is

remaining: None
duration: None

When not setting the duration in the configuration, you have to include it in the service call. A timer doesn’t work if it has no duration.

I did set the duration in the services,

“entity_id”: “timer.ups_on”,
“duration”: “3600”

still the status is

friendly_name: UPS time remaining
duration: 1:00:00
remaining: 1:00:00

From the documentation:

duration (Optional): Initial duration in seconds or 00:00:00 when Home Assistant starts. Defaults to 0.

Starts or restarts a timer with the provided duration. If no duration is given, it will either restart with its initial value, or continue a paused timer with the remaining duration.

If you call the service, does the state of the timer change to active? Timers don’t keep updating themselves. Try it out with a 10 second duration. The timer should be active for 10 seconds and then switch back. The remaining time only gets updated when you pause a timer.

Tried and still idle in the status.