Timer.started/time.restarted events not working in automation

I’m trying to trigger automation by timer.started or timer.restarted but it doesn’t work
timer.finished does work properly.
Is this a known issue? any workarounds?

how are you trying to build the event trigger?

  - platform: event
    event_type: timer.started
      entity_id: timer.test
  - platform: event
    event_type: timer.restarted
      entity_id: timer.test

I used the exact same code… is it working for you or it’s just an example?

Found the “issue”
These events integrated in 0.85.0 while I run 0.84.x
I’ll upgrade.

Thank you

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Is timer restarting supposed to work properly these days? That is, running timer.start on an already running timer, will restart it to its initial value?
Or that at least something happens when you start it again?

Currently for me, its started once, but then never again, despite the movement trigger continuously being triggered.

welcome, how are you handling this? Are you using timer events or are you triggering off timer states?

I was using the call.service, timer.start automation, with

  "duration": "00:15:00",
  "entity_id": "timer.motion_detect"

But then…(lost track of where I read it), someone hinted at a workaround being to first cancel the timer, and then start it, and that seems to work. Although I think the test/hint said something like “it doesnt work always…”

What I havent been able to find documented, is wether the various actions listed in an automation trigger, are guaranteed to be executed sequentially, in a proper order. It would be nice if each trigger had a seq-nr, to clearly indicate execution order.