Timer - time remaining is always the same as duration

Ok, so the heading really says it all.

I have a timer for my Guest Mode and it all works perfectly and in my front end it displays the remaining time correctly.


However, the remaining attribute never seems to change from the duration.
What on earth is going on?

I’d like to be able to send the remaining time via Telegram but can’t see how to do it (which is how I discovered this apparent anomaly).

Looking at the code, it appears as if remaining will only be populated during specific service calls. It does not get updated any other times. I.E. If you pause it, you can see the time remaining. Otherwise it will stay at the time when set at the last timer service.

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Thanks, that would explain it even it does sound slightly useless!
I wonder however, how does the frontend get the actual remaining time?

it’s most likely handled in the UI and I would be willing to bet it’s not 100% in sync w/ the actual time left.