Timers and automation groups

I found nice and quite simple Automatic switch-off light with cancel option which does the job - “Automate light on/off with optional cancellation timeout”.
However most of my HA programming happens on my phone in the front of TV, or on a bus, so console and vim are not really the option. And the example above is 2 timers and 3 automations. So I wonder if it is possible to:

  1. add timers from the UI
  2. put automations in groups (like scenes for multiple lights, for example)

Why don’t you use packages to organize your system?

I really do not understand the comment… Which package will let me add a timer from the HA web interface? Or what package did you mean?

I’ve organize my automations, etc into python packages. Makes it easier for me to code on my tablet or phone as all the relevant objects for a topic are contained in a single file. But I use yaml and perhaps you do not.

ah, ok, makes sense. Any good example of let’s say something similar to that “Automatic switch-off light with cancel option” just to get the idea? I use yaml periodically, in both automation.yaml and the UI but even then the whole automation cannot be edited as one thing in the UI - each trigger and each condition and each action is independent yaml :frowning:

I don’t like the ui editor for that reason, things seem to be broken up in non-intuitive ways. I currently use IDE which is deprecated but allows me to code remotely and as I said, a package organization to minimize file shuffle. In this case the timers, automations, helper objects for ui display would all be in a single file which can easily be scrolled through.