Times of Day Sensor wrong after Daylight savings time

I have a times of day sensor in my helpers set at 4 AM and 9 PM. When Daylight savings time occurred on March 12, the actions depending on the TOD sensor trigger at 5 AM and 10 PM. I went to edit the helper and set it to 4 AM and 9 PM again but it was still set correctly. I waited a day to see if it would correct itself, but it did not.
So I changed the times and updated, then I changed them back to 4AM and 9PM again and updated.
But the timer still triggers at 5AM and 10 PM.
Can someone tell me if this is a bug or by design (silly)? My system time and time display both show the correct time. How do I fix this?

This is probably an issue with the time of the daylight time start.
It does not start the same time everywhere and here where I live it will be 10 days more before the it starts.
This is normally a localization setting, so what language are you using in HA and where in the world?

I have the same problem. The TOD sensors are not updated for DST. I’m in CDT US. English, not that language should have any impact on DST IMO. How do I fix this without changing the TOD sensors manually to -1 the actual?

Currently after a Daylight Savings time change homeassistant needs to be restarted for time of day sensors to be accurate.

Thanks TazUK.
I restarted the system yesterday and sure enough, today the timers are again correct. I’ll have to update soon to the latest version to get the real fix.

I believe the fix is still outstanding at the moment - the pull request will change status when completed.

Thanks TazUk - much appreciated. It’s working great since I restarted HA so I’m in no hurry to update.