TimescaleDB size sensor

Hello all,

I run TimescaleDB and want to create a mb size sensor. I tried everyting but its keep saying that my SQL query is invalid.

I tried:

  • postgresql://user:password@host/dsmrreader
  • postgresql://user:password@ip/dsmrreader
  • postgresql://user:password@ip/timescale

for the query:

  • SELECT (pg_database_size(‘dsmrreader’)/1024/1024) as db_size;
  • SELECT (pg_database_size(‘dsmrreader’)/1024/1024) as db_size
  • SELECT (pg_size_pretty(‘dsmrreader’)/1024/1024) as db_size;
    All kind of combinations but getting the error everytime. Someone know the solution? Thnx! :pray: