Timestamp calculation for automation

I have created the sensor:
For everyone that comes googling for this:

  - platform: template
        value_template: "{{ (states('sensor.rova_bio') | as_datetime - timedelta(hours=12)).isoformat() }}"
        device_class: timestamp

In the automation under trigger:

But why does it say No matching entities found? it;s not a typo.

in YAML it looks like:

platform: time
at: sensor.rova_bio_adjusted

So will this trigger type as time with this sensor be triggered?

Look at what you selected “Value of a date/time helper”. It only lists input_datetime entities.

Basically, you have discovered one of the Automation Editor’s several deficiencies, in this case it lacks the means of selecting a timestamp sensor even though that’s a valid choice for a Time Trigger. You have to switch to YAML mode and manually enter the sensor’s entity_id.

On a separate note, the Template Sensor configuration you posted is unformatted. Here’s the formatted version:

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: Rova Bio Adjusted
        value_template: "{{ (states('sensor.rova_bio') | as_datetime - timedelta(hours=12)).isoformat() }}"
        device_class: timestamp

The equivalent using the new way of defining Template Sensors is like this:

  - sensor:
      - name: Rova Bio Adjusted
        state: "{{ (states('sensor.rova_bio') | as_datetime - timedelta(hours=12)).isoformat() }}"
        device_class: timestamp

I have adjusted my previous post, now with preformatted text.

Remove the backquote character after the word timestamp

Done, thanks for the help and advice!

You’re welcome!

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The timestamp adjustment works, it shows the correct date.
But the automation didn’t trigger at this date:
In visual editor:


There are no other triggers for this, and no conditions,
So why is this automation not triggering?
The automation should have triggered at 4th october mid day, (as this is shown by the “sensor.rova_residual_adjusted”

Post the state value of sensor.rova_bio_adjusted exactly as it appears in Developer Tools > States.

State is :2021-10-11T12:00:00
State attributes (YAML, optional):

friendly_name: rova_bio_adjusted
device_class: timestamp


(it’s no longet the date from the 4th of october, now its the next pickup)

It lacks a timezone offset so that might be the reason it fails to qualify as a proper timestamp sensor for use with a Time Trigger.

Let’s add your timezone offset and see if it fixes the problem.

Change the Template Sensor’s template to this:

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: Rova Bio Adjusted
        value_template: "{{ (states('sensor.rova_bio') | as_datetime - timedelta(hours=12)).astimezone().isoformat() }}"
        device_class: timestamp

When you are done and have reloaded template entities, post the sensor’s new state value so we confirm it now has a timezone offset.

I have made the change as describted above, hope it works!

Me too. I created a version of it for myself that should trigger tomorrow at noon. I’ll let you know if it works.

FYI, the version I created triggered at noon today. I have reset it to trigger again tomorrow. I’m confident it will work again tomorrow for me and for you on October 11th.

Sounds good, for me i have a next pickup date in 5 days, will let know the result,
If all okay, i will mark it as the solution.

It works, i can the notification trought the telegram service,
Marked the post as the solution, .astimezone() did the trick,
many thanks.

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I’m still to stupid.

In Nodered and Json, I succeeded already to concatenate some values from different “payload messages”
let num7 = msg.payload7;

Now I want to add the timestamp of the message in a readable format

I tried already several examples but I’ve always an error:

Like: let time = msg.payload7.timestamp;

Gves a “tim undefined” answer in debug screen

How can I extract thedate and the time from a message?

Timestamp of what? and what you need to do with it? What you tried? Give more info

For simple way you can use

var textdate=new Date(msg.payload).toISOString().replace(/\..+/,'');

or for custom display based on Date - JavaScript | MDN

Thank you.

I still have to learn a lot.

I have already the date & time in my string, concatenated with other values.

In my function object, I’m returning the string :
msg.payload = ans;
return msg;

And the string shows up correctly in the debug screen.

But how can I send this string in a notify object


My notify/email functions correctly, but when sending a text message.
Now I want to send the string I made in the function.

This does not work :

How can I send the output of my function?

In json type something as

"data":{ "message": msg.payload}

If it’s not exact I can check later in nodered, I am not at computer currently.