Timings and a multi-zone heating system

I’m new to HA. I am setting up a multi-zone heating control system. I want to be able to input times that the heating system is active for each zone on a day of the week basis, and change times etc if I want to via some sort of screen on the UI side in the future. I suspect that the way to do this is to use the DateTime helper. I really want to know if I am on the right track.

I want three active time periods per individual day for each zone when the system is designated as ‘active’ for that zone. I have 15 zones so this looks like 7 days of the week, start and finish times three times for each day, all over 15 zones - a total of 15x7x6 = 630 DateTime helpers. This looks like a lot of entries, and I got to thinking maybe I’m not doing this as efficiently as I could.

Any pointers gratefully received.

Would the Schedule Helper work? Does each zone really require it’s own schedule?

I do need the flexibility to control each zone separately for a number of reasons, largely to do with efficiency. I will take a look at Scheduler helper. Thanks.