Tiny Email server incorporated into Home Assistant

This. Yes this would be awesome for interfacing with legacy systems that send alerts via email.

That is deprecated and the docs refer you to this https://aiosmtpd.readthedocs.io/en/latest/README.html

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OK sure then use that one. The thing I worked on was 5 years ago. Point being, python already has this handled. No need to write an MTA, just hang out on port 25, accept email, and throw events in response.

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Does the camera actually send the email or does their server outside the network send it anyway? If so I can’t see the issue with using Gmail?

I think the answer is something like “why bring the cloud into it”. There is zero reason to have this sort of alert egress your network only to come back in again.

It’s already in the cloud, that’s where the email comes from

Not according to the request in the OP. Goal is to deal with internal devices which alert via SMTP.

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That what I’m trying to clarify. I got the impression the email comes from the cloud server

The camera I’m using needs an email server, I guess it has email client software in it, currenty I’m using it with a separate accoung I have in gmail. Again, the idea is to have the camera not connecting to the external email server, but to that tiny local email server, inside my home network, so it all stays local. Again, that tiny email server won’t send any email to anyone, it will just convert the incoming email into some kind of alarm or device status inside Home Assistant.

Hope it is clear now.

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Yep, got it now, sorry, didn’t realise the individual camera connected to the mail server directly.

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Could this help?:


Big Yes! but for us who are using the suprevised version of HA the option is to add hardware where this docker program can run. Is there a way to convert this to a Home Assistant Add-On?

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You can add any docker image to supervised.

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You also could create an add-on from that docker image I believe

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Yes, if I could work that out I would do it.

This article may be of help… https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/creating-your-first-home-assistant-add-on-issac-goldstand/?trackingId=GBuP4I7IWrFlydSGpT8c3g%3D%3D

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On this Github there is a Docker install Add-on to get a mailserver inside HA
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Not what is wanted I think.

The addon is very simple. You can create domains into it, add mail addresses etc.
Open ports in router to your HA and then you can use it in IMAP way.
Its very easy. For me my question to have a tiny email server is done.

I also have a need for a tiny on-site smtp server … for my use case I want to parse email warnings sent by a Paradox IP150 module (Specifically for Alarm trouble conditions like AC Failure which isn’t handled anywhere else yet).

The IP150 module doesn’t support doesn’t support sending over TLS, otherwise I would have just sent the emails to Gmail and used the IMAP Email Content add-on.

I’ve installed Erik73’s Mailserver addon - everything worked on the first attempt. It will do the job nicely.

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