Tip: motion sensors + dog in the house

There is a larger dog here, living in the house.
With motion sensors the result is obvious: he triggers them to whatever these sensors do.

I have positioned the sensors above the light switches and covered the bottom half with aluminum foil.
This works when you have a dog, with a cat it’s a different story.

I also tried camera and AI (deepstack/etc.)…cats treated as dogs and vv. but at least not detected as a “person”. Is however quite expensive if you need detection per room

How large is large? Our Leonberger is 85kilos (187lbs) and stands 3feet at the top of his head.

I’d love to put motion sensor lights in the hallway where he sleeps but haven’t bothered as I was pretty sure he will trigger the lights when he moves around.

Welcome anyone’s thoughts/recommendations.

It doesn’t matter how large your dog is.

If you put the motion sensor a little higher then the top of his head and cover off the bottom part of the sensor, he will not be able to trigger it (unless he will stand on his back paws of course)

Great thanks.
If he stands on his back legs he is taller than me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
Get down Shep! (UK JOKE)

I know Leonbergers, we have one in the neighbourhood (male) which is now a little over 1y old.

Here lives a Belgian Malinois in the house since almost 3 months, before that another shepherd (Gos d’atura or Catalan sheepdog)