Tips for a beginner

Hi guys, i hope this is the right place to make this post.

So i’ve been looking at the diffrent home automation systems and it looks like this would be the best choise. But i still have some questions here and there.

How can i connect a microphone in diffrent rooms so im not required to use my phone? i was thinking something like building a little module with an audrino or pi zero just for microphone / speaker connecting to the diffrent rooms if that even possible.

And is there something that would be great to have, currently i only have Hue installed in the rooms, except the kitchen, but i will add that unless i can find some cheaper bulbs that can work together with it. I would like to hear from some of you what hardware you use and such.


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The Amazon Echo Dot is one of the best pre-built products for voice control at $50 each. If you wanted to go the DIY route Snips is an option, but with the cost of RasPis it might work out to be a tad bit more expensive. I personally have 1 full size Echo and 2 dots and they work great. Plus, you can make a custom HASS skill and do almost anything imaginable.

Google Home is also an option, but more expensive. It feels more natural though, check it out on your iOS or Android device if you want to try before you buy.

i see, i just have the problem that the echos + google home isnt avaliable in my country. but if i finding a way to get hold of them is it possible to connect with my amp? i know its connect with wifi + it supports dnla (i think its called) + airplay. Also do i have to install an echo in each room of the house? so i have to get like 4 + drill holes for speakers to every room?

The Echo has an array of Microphones and can (mostly) accurately determine what you’re saying from across the room. You may end up having to place multiple microphones in each room to accurately hear you. I found this thread that talks about microphones spanning the house. There’s also an Instructables article about putting together a DIY system.

If I didn’t have access to the Amazon Echo, I would build a box from a raspberry pi (or similar) and place one in each room. Unfortunately a reliable system that takes standard microphones and pipes them all into one box seems to be a lost project.

Thanks for your reply, im gonna take a deeper look into it later today, also have to figure out if i should go for an raspberry pi or an intel nuc.

So i figured out that i can get my hands on the dots, i just have to pay a bit more for them, Now i just need to figure out if i should go for a NUC og RPI for the hub. Also i need to make some drawings and stuff because i want to be so wireless as possible.

Any sugestions for what hardware i should use for eg, weather station, wall plugs?

Also i still would like to hear what you guys see as a must have :slight_smile:

Edit: I came across this maybe i could build one of those and add them in each room? would save me like $60 instead of buying the dots. if its possible?