Tips on displaying sensor data. Maybe a ticker?

Hey guys,

My Lovelace is basically full of these sensor cards. Bland and boring, but also the list is getting long

In the following example I don’t need to constantly see all of this data. Seeing it in a single entity that can rotate would be ok. Or just something that takes up less real estate

What would you do with this?

Some people use collapsible cards - like fold-entity-row.
Some - show all data in a subview which is opened after clicking on some card with a short view.

Not a complete solution, but I use multiple entity row (from HACS) to lump data on a single row that makes sense to combine.

But if there are more entities to show?
A possible way is then using fold-entity-row:

  • head: multiple-entity-row for 2…3…4 main entities;
  • collapsible: other entities.

Some people also use swipe-card: main entities on the 1st card; others - on other page(s).
There is also tabbed-card.