Tips on improving frontend page loading speed

As my dashboards are getting more complex (lots of card-mod and custom button cards) I am now facing a performance issue with some devices:

Desktops PC’s and recent Android devices are lightning fast, no matter if I use local wifi or remote connections. Loading a complex non cached page takes less than a second.


However, the same dashboard/page takes forever to render on “not so old” android tablets (Samsung Galaxy Tab A, 2019-2021)


Is Home assistant really that CPU/memory intensive on clients?

Do you experience the same type of performance on similar hardware?

Other than throwing to garbage 4 year old tablets and buying brand new ones (not my 1st choice), any tips on improving frontend page loading speed?

Could be related to recent card-mod updates as I didn’t notice such lag a few weeks back; currently trying to downgrade to 3.4.0, will see if it helps.

Thank you!

I’d like to hear more on this subject, too.

There are lots of reasons why we might want a simplified UI. Not just for performance on slow/old networks and devices, but also because some of us have to pay for bandwidth. For example, my home internet was offline for a few days after a recent storm, and using WiFi hotspots on our phones drove us well over our data limits.

Granted, viewing a web page doesn’t compare to the data use of, say, watching HD video. But for anyone traveling to remote areas, both the speed and cost of data can be a factor.

I would like to see some effort to make the UI efficient, in addition to all the effort going into making it trendy. I realize that no-one wins UI design awards for efficiency. I know developers like to develop on the latest and greatest hardware. But there’s value in making the user experience responsive, even in less than ideal conditions.

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Ok. Seems like I had more than one instance of card-mod in “resources”;
de-installing all traces of card-mod and reinstalling it has greatly improved page rendering.
Not perfect but at least twice as fast and no hang-ups so far.

Also, as some other people have noted, for some reason version 3.4.0 performs better than newer versions.

Will stick to 3.4.0 for now and try again with future releases.

Still open to any recommendations to improve performance/page load