TiVo for HADashboard

I’ve been doing some work with HADashboard and it was time to integrate some of my electronics equipment, but I couldn’t find a suitable control for a TiVo. I can’t claim to have evaluated all the attempts, but I didn’t find anything simple and flexible enough to meet my needs. So, I decided to roll my own and came up with a way to use the javascript widget and a back-end custom JSON API to interface to a linux back-end server. Here are some screenshots from my dashboards:

There are two pieces required to make this work. First, you need my ha-helper framework which connects a JSON API front-end to various tools from the linux command line. Right now, it only works for TiVo and Onkyo, but it is extensible and should work with pretty much any linux command-line utility to interface with network-connected electronics.

Second, you need my two dashboard files and a YAML include file to put on your dashboard. As I said, this leverages the javascript widget, so it fits nicely into the design of a dashboard (better than an iframe, at least) and FETCHes from the JSON API running on a linux/apache server which then issues the commands to the equipment.

The ha-helper framework is here: https://github.com/DanielsInnovative/ha-helper and the dashboard files are here: https://github.com/DanielsInnovative/hadashboard-tivo.

I hope the community finds this useful!!!


Here is a second screenshot (I’m new to the forum, so I’m limited to a single image per post).

Added some channels to the second page.

This is really intended only to demonstrate the capability – this isn’t my real channel list :slight_smile:

Let me know if this is useful to anyone. If I’m just making noise and this is not a useful topic, I’ll let it die. Github will be updated shortly with new files.