TMC2208 driver with nema 17 stepper motor help please

could someone please show me how to wire up these 3 items: a esp8266 nodemcu, nema17 stepper motor, 12v dc power, and tmc2208 driver? how about the esphome code? i searched videos on youtube but came up with a lot of the older noisy driver.
others on youtube have it done but for some reason refuses to show to wiring and yml code to make it possible for a noob like myself to follow along.

I am on the same hunt even though I have a newer tmc2225 driver.
I have found this guide that claims a successful tmc integration with ESPHome TMC2208 ESPHOME quiet curtains - YouTube (code in the description).
Officially ESPHome does support only a4988 and uln2003 which explains the lack of guides online.

Alternatively you can search for a Tasmota integration that seam to support this much better.
You can start here: HOWTO control stepper motors · arendst/Tasmota · Discussion #11731 · GitHub

If you succeed, please let me know what did you do as I am about to go trough this as soon as I find a moment for that.
Good luck!

i saw that YT. unfortunately, it is too basic. not good enough cause it lacks a lot of details that a noob like myself cant rewrite a complete working code.
this is the best link i have found so far Printables his code is the most comprehensive for Nema 17 stepper + TMC2208 +ESP32 + ESPhome

to save you time, here is the schematic for esp32, tmc2208, nema 17, buck converter to go from 12v dc to 5v dc

the drawing has esp8266, but the pins are still applicable to esp32 board

hope you can share your yml code once you are done. i cannot find a working yml anywhere


just wanna update that this code works thanks to @RoadkillUK
really appreciate his help n time troubleshooting.


sad to say my roller blinds no longer working reliably anymore.
i used to have 2 automations. roller up at sun up. roller down at run down. easy.
BUT now, as soon as any command is sent, the Esp device would reboot instantly.
here, you can see i manually pressed the down button and it went into reboot or something. is my ESP32 board bad or is it my wifi network going crazy?