To configure monitor for Home Assistant without ping from outside

I have seen how in other topics the public IP is used to ping the HA and verify the HA status.
In my case it’s not possible to do requests from outside to the local network (HA). Cannot open NAT ports in the connection by ISP restriction.
Is there a site like Uptime Robot but that the communication begin from the HA and notifies you if it does not receive communication within a certain time?

If that site don’t exist, I will do a api service in PHP for reciving request from HA.


Misunderstood the question :slight_smile:

The HACS add-on is an option. You schedule a regular REST call to a URL on their domain from HA, and if it doesn’t turn up, you get a notification from their site. Pretty easy to set up too.


Ok, I will do a Rest Service for receive requests.

I need to know how long the HA is off when the power fails. For this reason, the notification is important from the REST service that always should be up.