To do list customization

Is there a way to change the look of the todo list dashboard? Im using wallpanel for my other dashboards and its great. I’d like to set up the screensaver and side panel icon.
Im pretty new to HA and this level of programing to start with. Please bear with me im trying.

Check this thread out

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I saw that thread too but how do i get the the raw config for the to do list dashboard. Im new to this so its probably something simple and I appreciate any insight. My to do list dashboard does seem to have the option for a raw config area. I understand how to get there on the normal dashboards. Just click pencil - dots - raw config. I dot see a pencil on the to do list page. See attached. Thanks

As far as I know on that you can not edit the raw config on that page only on our own dashboards. Same as the energy dashboard

ohhh well that makes sense why its been so hard to figure out!