"To-do list" should be different for different users

It’s not at all convenient when the “To-do list” is the same for all users. The “To-do list” must be different for each Home Assistant user.

Create a separate todo list for each user. You can have more than one.

I did so, but this is inconvenient because one user can have several lists, and it also allows another user to freely change and edit your lists, which is not correct. I would also like to see the implementation of transferring tasks from one user to another. I have an understanding of how it should look and if it is implemented, I can tell you how I see this function.

Sure it is. My shopping list can be edited or completed by whoever from my house is at the shops first.

But there is not only a shopping list that can be made common to all users, but also things that you personally planned to do but don’t have time to do and want to transfer (ask) them to another family member. For example, vacuuming. This is why it is necessary for each user to have their own separate to-do lists.

Just delete the item from your list and add it to theirs.

We don’t understand each other much. I want this to be implemented correctly. And what you are offering is a crutch. I myself understand perfectly well how to do this.

Make a Feature Requests if you want changes to implementations.