To many notifications for locations update


So I had installed the home assistant for iOS and in the beginning I wasn’t getting to many location update notifications. But now in the last few days I am getting so many. Like twice an hour at time and a few hours after that. Then I noticed that my phone does not get any for a while. It’s really off and on. This could happen even when I stay in a zone or not.

I’m wondering if I can silence the notification on iOS without it interfering with the location updating. Anybody know?


What notifications specifically?


This one. Hopefully picture shows up.


I’m seeing this as well. Several random notifications of arrival at Home zone without leaving. None of my automatons call notifications. Location Services On for HA while using, Share my location On. iOS 11.4.1 (iPhone 7). Notifications occurring on only one of two phones iPhones being tracked.


I get about at least 20 of these notifications with no script or automation starting it.


In the iOS app, go to settings (cog icon bottom right), scroll down and select Location Settings and then go to the Location Notifications section. I have all of them turned off and location updates still work fine.