To open add-on web ui using IP instead of domain

HI All,

When pressing the “OPEN WEB UI” from a (any) addons info page, how do I open the web ui using the IP of home-assisant rather than the domain name I use to access HA normally?

My HA is installed on a Intel NUC, I have domain set through cloudflare and SSL via Traefik/lets encrypt and I normally access HA via my domain name (externally and internally), I can access from the IP address and addon web UIs work if I manually type in the IP and port detail - however when I try the button it defaults to the domain name:port.

It used to work - not sure when it stopped to be honest, I did move to proxmox VM at one point and that is when I noticed it not working, but I have moved back to BM and its still the same - not sure if I have changed anything to cause this, but if there is an obvious setting somewhere please let me know?

my config.yml http section looks like this:

  ip_ban_enabled: true
  login_attempts_threshold: 5
  use_x_forwarded_for: true
    - ::1
    - fe80::/64
    - fe00::/64
    - fd00::/64


Home Assistant 2023.3.5 Supervisor 2023.03.1 Operating System 9.5 Frontend 20230309.0 - latest

To open the web UI of an add-on using the IP address of your Home Assistant instance instead of the domain name

Ok, I think I figured this out, kinda, it works as intended when accessing HA locally via the ip address instead of the domain name.
At some point I switched my main bookmark to the domain name instead of IP, this must have been when it stopped working for me.
I know it wouldn’t work externally but it would still be nice to have this work internally when I access HA via my domain name - is this possible?

Closing this question, I figured it out by myself.
For anyone that stumbles across this, my fix was removing the base url from config.yml and also manualy setting the local network in the network settings to the ip and port of my instance instead of automatic.

Seems to work so far.