TO-Q-SY2 Din Rail Smart Switch: Realtime solar power measuring

I would like to replace my current solarpanel circuit breaker with this one:

  • Can this measure negative (= solar production) power?
  • Is this realtime (= every second) or only every x minutes?
  • Are both Zigbee and Wifi version realtime?


Don’t buy the WiFi version, badly supported in HA.

Ok, thanks for the info.

Maybe the Shelly EM can do this as well? (And I keep using the current circuit breaker)

Shelly sure can do it.

Are you 100% sure this is realtime and not like every 30 seconds or even minutes?

No I’m not. I think you will find it difficult to find an energy meter that is 100% realtime.

Or find enough network infrastructure or backend computer to handle it properly.

What would you want that information for?