TOD, strange behaviour

I have this binary sensor in my configuration.yaml:

  • platform: tod
    name: utebelysning
    after: sunset
    after_offset: “-00:17”
    before: sunrise
    before_offset: “00:17”

BUT, this night it turned off at [10 oktober 2022 02:04:16]…
Expected time was [10 oktober 2022 07:48:25]

On the other hand I have another one, which works as expected

  • platform: tod
    name: day_light
    after: sunrise
    after_offset: “00:17”
    before: sunset
    before_offset: “-00:17”

Very strange!!

Remembering somesthing about the TOD, that usually can happen here in Sweden.
So the simplest is to rename the utebelysning to a notutebelysning, and then create a utebelysning that returns not notutebelysning…