Today (hourly or daily) energy cost

I had all the templates created and working, but somehow, I deleted them during a purge.
Anyway, I can’t figure it out again. So, I have the emporia vue integration and hourly, daily, and monthly usage. I also have the SCE costs sensor that gives me the energy cost (variable).

How do I create an Energy Cost for the last hours starting midnight?

Thank you!

Most use cases can be fulfilled with the utility meter

I don’t get why I need the Utility Meter when I already have the consumption sensor in kwh and the cost sensor in $. Can’t find a way to make it work.

The utility meter links those two together and gives you several options like to reset the consumption at certain times. Why not use it?

I don’t see how to link two sensors together. I read the documentation, if you have the consumption in kwh you will need to assign the tariffs manually, and the utility meter will create a sensor for each entity. You then must create a template sensor and apply whatever math you need. It’s not as simple as you think.

Can you show an example of how you would do it?