Todo items when arriving home

So I have currently an automation which gets me to water the indoor plants, using the local calendar and a notify action which also turns on an input Boolean. Then I have another automation when I arrive home then if the Boolean is on to send me a critical notification to remind me to water the plants.

Im thinking of doing this using todo instead of a Boolean. I managed to just alter the first automation to create a todo item instead of making a Boolean, and in the actionable notification I could tick off the todo task and/or remove it from the list. This all seemed to work as expected but I had a problem with the second auto.

I couldn’t work out how, or if it can even be done, to use if I arrive home then I couldn’t work out how to use the todo items as an if. So I was wanting to do when I arrive home if this water plants was in my todo tasks to send me a critical notification.

It was here where I couldn’t find the todo action as a condition.

Does anyone know if this can be done?

Thanks everyone!

Something like this should do it if you have a specific todo list for watering the plants:

trigger: whatever
  - condition: numeric_state
    entity_id: todo.your_water_plants_list
    above: 0
action: whatever

This sounds very simple, kinda what I was expecting initially. When you say entity_id: todo.your_water_plants_list is this literally the name you’ve given the todo list? Also would I then need to use a specific todo list just for this? Or is there a way to filter down the specific name of the todo action?

Thank you! Ill now give this a try :+1:t2:

That should be the name for a (very specific) todo list.

Set one up and go in Developer tools, filter by todo, and check what your entity is called.
If it’s got an active entry, the numerical state will be 1 or greater, otherwise if you’ve crossed off all the items in the list, it will be 0.

Makes sense, thank you. When you say filter by todo, what do you mean? Apologies!

Dev Tools > States tab. See the “Filter entities” field?

Just click there and type in “todo”, like this

Thanks! I thought you meant that.

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