Todoist has no calendar


I added Todoist today but the only thing I see is the service. Calendar did not apear. When I add a custom_calender, I got this one but not the task, even when this calendar is for all tasks like it is in the docs.

The accessable logs in the frontend has nothing regarding todoist or calendar, and in Todoist nothing about sync or share. Where can I hunt this „bug“ next? :slight_smile: May someone faced this too?

The current todoist integration is broken. Currently an outdated version of todoist-pyton is used ( which uses removed API calls.

The fix would be to migrate the Home Assistant todoist component to 8.0.0, a overview of breaking changes can be found here:

hey Koenkk,
can u please explain how to migrate the 8.0.0 component to, having the same problem here - whole family uses todoist and as far as i know there is no other real list solution (grouchy not mentioned because its to complicated for the rest of the fam) out there

greetings :slight_smile:

Its not straight forward as there are breaking changes in the API.

damn, but thanks a lot for the fast response - have a nice weekend :slight_smile:

I just started using todoist so I went ahead and updated the code. I’ll be creating a pull request in home-assistant soon.

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