Toggle Home Mode Schedule - Surveillance Station - in Synology DSM Integration

Hello everyone,

I am currently using the Synology DSM integration with Home Assistant, which allows me to toggle the “Home Mode” of Surveillance Station using a switch in Home Assistant. This works perfectly for my needs.

However, I would like to request an additional feature. It would be great if we could also toggle the “Home Mode Schedule” in the same way, via a switch in Home Assistant.

In my daily routine, Home Mode activates and deactivates based on the schedule I’ve set. However, when I go away for a weekend or vacation, I need to disable the scheduled mode so that Home Mode stays off for a certain number of days and doesn’t follow the schedule.

Adding a button to enable/disable the scheduled mode in Home Assistant would be very helpful. In Surveillance Station, this feature is referred to as “Schedule Switching”.

According to the API documentation (, there is a boolean parameter:


Is the home mode schedule switching enabled.

This is the value that needs to be managed from Home Assistant. The URL for the API call would look like this:

GET /webapi/entry.cgi?

Could this feature be added to the Synology DSM integration? It would greatly enhance the functionality and flexibility of managing Home Mode in Home Assistant.

Thank you!

You could use the rest integration.