Toggle Lights stop working, light states can't be changed in HA Interface

Ok I give up. I’m a software developer and I’ve been struggling with this for months and I need help. I’ve never actually posted a call for help here or stack overflow or anywhere so I’m really desperate to be doing this.

My toggle lights isn’t working. Well it does for a while, then some lights randomly stop responding to the toggle, or will only be turned on or off when the toggle button is pressed. When this happens, the lights in the HA interface show as on or off, then when you switch them they do for a second or so, then flip back to their previous state.

I’m running on a Raspberry Pi 3+ (though I had this problem when running it in a virtual box on my windows PC and actually switched to the Pi trying to solve this problem). I’m using a zen32 scene controller to toggle lights in rooms (but like I said it happens the same way in the interface, so don’t think it’s that) It happens whether I set the automation to all the individual lights or create a light group (reverted to individual lights from light groups to try to solve the problem).

I have three zen32s and about 30 wifi bulbs all connected through tuya. I also have them connected to Google Home and also voice control them. I understand that the two systems keep their own sets of states, but I also don’t see how this could be causing the problem. At worst the toggle button should as a result toggle it a way I wasn’t expecting or have to press the button twice.

When I do a fresh install, it will work for a couple weeks, then every time I fix it by restarting, or recreating the automation, it seems to fail in the same way faster and faster. It goes wrong the same way whether on a Pi or virtual box on PC.

The logs show nothing, when I try to switch and it reverts, it’s not entered in the logs, but a working light, it does.

Really at the end of my rope, really hoping someone can help me here please… :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Facing the exact same problem with my tuya devices.
Running on a Pi 3B
Were you ever able to resolve this?