Toggle RGBW

HI guys,

Im setting up my aqara button and when I press it I want to toggle my led strip RGBW with only white channel turned on or off.
But in the toggle options I dont see the RGBW-color to tick, only using Turn on/off service.
How can I accomplish this?

Thank you

Are you referring to the Aqara WXKG11LM Zigbee wireless mini switch? If so, that switch supports, single, double and long presses.

What are the LED strip entities that you can see?

Have you considered to use automation triggered by button press to specifically trigger what you need?

Yeah Im creating a toggle turned on and off by the button and based on the state of the toggle trigger an event, now Im trying to understand how to trigger something based on event

Solved, simply creating an automation that does what I need. Check if led is on or off and turn on and off with the RGBW field :slight_smile:

Are you familiar with the Action Choose?

Create an automation where you have the Triggers for both on and off states.
Then, for Actions, add action type Choose, This allows you to create branching and associated actions based on what triggered the automation.

Single automation for both on & off.

Never used choose, I always used if else like this:

Choose is like a switch(), case, or match.