Toggle service not working since installing today (2024-01-08) Core 2024.1.2

I have installed today the new 2024.1.2 Core update.
ever since all service calls for switch.toggle or light.toggle are working only one way - turning on the light but not off.
It might be due to other possible issue - system does not recognize ON state of entities in conditions
Might also be a SONOFF integration issue that their units do nor reveal the ON state …

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Just tested. The service is working here, on the same version.

Check your logs for errors.

I have downgraded to 2023.12.1 and after that everything works fine.
I have opened an issue #107629 via bug reports

As indicated in your, now closed, issue this is a 3rd party integration bug, not Home Assistant core.

Experiencing the same issue. All son off toggles defaulting to original state and not working.

Upgrade sonoff integration to 3.5.4 and it will fix the issue.