Toggle smoke alarm on or off


I would like to create a button that toggles my smoke alarm on or off, based on its state. If the alarm happens to turn on, I would like to manually turn it off via a button (I also use my smoke alarm as safety measure against burglary). I currently have the following yaml for a mushroom button card. If I tap the card, nothing happens. Any help is appreciated!

type: custom:button-card
entity: binary_sensor.0_hal_rookalarm_binary_input
name: Rookalarm hal
icon: mdi:smoke-detector
state_color: true
size: 35px
show_state: true
show_name: false
tap_action: toggle

That is not a function of smoke alarms, it would go against all safety codes of a certified smoke alarms.

Before you respond, think about the nefarious implications of a remote toggle on any safety device.

You can look the local fire codes up wherever you are located to confirm this .


Seconded. If you’re in the US code requirements say you have to be local to silence the alarm. Period, end of story.

(To prevent people from not checking source of smoke)

For that reason, you will likely not find a commercial product that has the capability - because it’s either against code or they don’t want to be sued out of existence.

Also as to your burglar alarm idea. Have you ever noticed that different alarms have different sound codes? Those are dictated in some cases too. For someone vision impaired they rely on the siren signal patterns (all smokes in the US use the same pattern. Etc.) this is why Alexa Guard can ‘hear’ your smoke alarm it’s a basic pattern recognition… so by double duty use like you described. You could cause a confusion issue. It’s your house, you know how much of an issue it presents. Just in life safety issues I follow code and safety reccommmendations first and would not use the siren in that way.

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Thanks for your replies. My Frient smoke alarm has multiple sounds that can be changed. It seemed a good solution for not putting up a seperate alarm on either floor of my house for things other than smoke.

And the Frient alarm does allow it to be toggled via the zigbee integration menu, so I figured it might be turned into a toggle on my dashboard. This also comes in handy for weekly/monthly testing the devices.