Toilet Humidity automation


I have little question.
I have sonoff fan in my shower room and seperate humi/temp sensor, and also door sensor on my shower door.
What I’d like to do is to grab current humi when I open the door, for fan to work as long as humi in my shower room return to previous value (grabbed when I opened the door, before shower - I think it will solve humi swing/jumps/differences that happen during the day).
Could You help me please to automate it in the NodeRed if possible.

Thank You.

I can’t write a detailed description right now as I’m on my phone. But just make it as an automation inside home assistant. There’s good help to be found on the automation docs page.

There’s no need involving NodeRed for this

Thank You I’ll wait for detailed instruction.

Just a heads up, this isn’t a forum where you print out “work to do” lists to other people. Show us what you tried already, and follow the pointers people give you. The forum is here to make your knowledge better, not feed of other people’s knowledge and never learn yourself.