TOLO Sauna perfect but one feature missing

TOLO integration is almost perfect. Except it is missing the “Aroma Injector” settings.
Since the original Steamtec Aroma Pump has no option of timing and intervall which is why I like to run the pump with a Shelly and be able to change the invervall to my liking. The TOLO main controller alows the setting Pump A oder Pump B, also the controller is probably responsible for the time intervall since you can also manually with the APP start the selected pump.

Thanks to everyone involved for this great software - just started but already love it!


Already working on it :slight_smile:

The feature just got merged (see Add aroma therapy select entity for tolo integration by MatthiasLohr · Pull Request #113442 · home-assistant/core · GitHub) and will be release with the next HA release!