Tomato Component

The Tomato Component for Home assistant states that it only tracks wireless clients. I suggest this component be updated to use arplist instead of wldev as arplist will track both wireless and wired clients.

I’m new to this… Is there a way I can suggest the needed changes to the code as I’ve done it using a custom component and figured the main component should be updated as well…


In Tomato if you enable SNMP you can track all devices via their MAC address.

The component for Tomato is referencing wldev… If you update it to use arplist it will show both wired and wireless clients.

Same formatting as well? I’m not home to test this currently.

I copied the tomato component over to a custom_components directory I created and then edited the python file to replace wldev with arplist is all I did.

All I did was take a look at the source code of the device list page for tomato… I figured… why not just use the arplist as that’ll catch connected devices wireless or wired.

Seems to work with the limited testing I’ve done. I had wired devices that have shown away for a while and they are now home since I tweaked the component file.

I believe the way to get that code into the main component would be to submit a PR on github.

If you have it working with the custom it should be easy enough to make the PR for it.

What @ChaoticUnreal said, if you’ve already put in the work, submit a PR on github for the change. :smiley:

Sorry, fairly new to this… how do I do that?

Here you go

Sorry… still having trouble with this. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Do I need to try and clone the whole home assistant repostitory?

I’ve tried to just use the checkout command like so…

git checkout -b

also tried it with the filename inside the directory and it gives me an error that it’s not a repository.