Tomato Device List update

I just installed Home Assistant as a Docker on my unRaid box. Everything on the home assistant end seems to be running great.

My goals:

  • Automation presence detection using my router (Tomato firmware)
  • Philips hue lighting, nest, pushover notifications

I got the tomato component set up to where it detects known devices, but the process of scanning and detecting seems too slow and unreliable. Either it won’t see someone’s known device as “home” or it will never switch a device from “home” to “away”.

Is there anyway to get tomato and home assistant to update faster to when devices are connected to the local network?

Hi ColonelRhodes, I’m also running HA as docker. Did you manage to setup Push notifications? I’m stucked on the google verify process as I don’t know how to get access to my index.html file from docker. Any help appreciated, thanks!

I don’t want to create new topic so I will refresh this one. What I have discovered is that only Quality (of signal) tab in Tomato is reliable as a device tracker as it updates immediately after device is connected or disconnected. I believe that current Tomato component is based upon dhcpd_lease which does not change at all (I have read somewhere that device list is a mess in Tomato code). Maybe someone who has any experience in Python (because I don’t have it at all) could use Quality parameter instead of Lease. In the meantime I will try to use Nmap instead.