Tongou Smart Meter Thoughts

Hey all!

I am looking at purchasing one of these to monitor the energy coming in and out of my house from the grid. Does anyone know if this device is good/accurate?


It is Tuya, so cloud dependant. Search the forum about the Tuya integration.

On the other hand, same meter is available in Zigbee. No cloud issues, local only.

Maybe the Local Tuya integration can help to remove the cloud dependency. It works pretty good and you only need the cloud once for setup.

A Zigbee Model for the device would also be a good idea!

Would you say that the product is trustworthy? And or does anyone have experience using this?

The zigbee one does sound better. I will have another look into that one

I have some of these devices TO-Q-SY1-JWT installed using LocalTuya.
Connection by Wifi on multiple Accesspoints.
Integration is not plug&play but it works. I can control the switches and read power, voltage and current.
But on one wifi accesspoint the connection is often lost.
There are 2 Tongou devices connected to this accesspoint, together with some Shellyplugs, a heat pump and an SMA solar inverter.
All devices stay well connected except the Tongou modules. They seem to connect alternately, with a slight overlap. If I put the accesspoint closer to one of them, that one connects and the other one almost never connects.
Is this a wifi problem or has it to do something with the LocalTuya integration (or with the Tongou modules themselves)?

Sounds like a device problem to me, although I have no experience with these devices (since I am still doing my research). Did you manage to find a way to read power being exported to the grid?

To measure the current to and from the gird I use a smart meter in combination with with the P1 DSMR module from
To measure the current of my solar panels I use the Tongou TO-Q-SY2-163JZT (ZigBee) to my complete satisfaction.
So I don’t know whether the Tongou also measures negative current flow, but I assume it does.

Hello, can you confirm that it also measures negative current flow, please? Thanks!